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When You're Gone Teclado

Bryan Adams


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When You're Gone

Áño: 2001 - Álbum: The Best of Me

(Adams / Kennedy)

	  Intro: Dm  F  C  G

Dm                          G                  
i've been wandering around the house all night
wondering what the hell to do
    Dm                         G                     C
i'm trying to concentrate but all i can think of is you
          Dm                       G
well the phone don't ring cuz my friends ain't home
i'm tired of being all alone
        Dm             Bb              G
got the tv on cuz the radio's playing songs that remind me of you
                 Dm      F                   C      G
baby when you're gone    - i realize i'm in love
                   Dm     F                          C   G
the days go on and on     - and the nights just seem so long
                           Dm      F                             C       G
even food don't taste that good    - drink ain't doing what it should
                     Dm      Bb                  G
things just feel so wrong     - baby when you're gone
           Dm             G 
i've been driving up and down these streets
trying to find somewhere to go
        Dm                     G                          C
ya i'm lookin' for a familiar face but there's no one i know
Dm                G
this is torture - this is pain
it feels like i'm gonna go insane
   Dm                 Bb                     G
i hope you're coming back real soon - cuz i don't know what to do
Chorus (same as above)
Solo (The rhytm during the solo is same as for the verse)
Chorus, followed by:
 G                    Dm      Bb
oh, baby when you're gone
yeah, baby when you're gone - oh

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