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Native Son Teclado

Bryan Adams


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Native Son

Áño: 1990 - Álbum: Into the Fire

(Adams , Vallance)

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	  Intro:  A(sus2)    F#m7    E     D(sus2)

Verse 1:
A                                            F#m7
I've seen many moons through these wrinkled eyes
The years have made me old, but they made me wise
Now the white man lives where our rivers run
A                          F#m7 
For now better days have passed
We walk the streets of broken glass
Our people vanished as snow before the summer sun

Bridge 1 :
E                  F#m             D(sus2)
Like dogs we were driven from this place 
Such injustice time will not erase
           F#m                Bm7
All these changes cannot be undone

Verse 2:(same as before)
When you feel the anger inside of you
Hold your head high, let your aim be true
Though your heart beats like a drum
My native son

Verse 3:
Once there was a time, my little one, 
Before the wagons - before the soldiers' guns
When this land was ours as far as the eagle flies
No white flag - no broken truce
With few words one can speak the truth;
I don't hear it, time won't heal it now

Bridge 2:(same as Brige 1)
With each new day that comes to pass
Will the great spirit free us all at last?
He said we were the chosen ones
For all we had there's nothing left
We won't forgive - we can't forget
You know that your day will come
My native son

Solo:(same chords as verse...still looking for the in progress)
With each new day that comes to pass
Will the great spirit free us all at last?
What has happened can never been undone
When I was young - not yet a man
The sun rose and set upon our land
We were the chosen ones
My native son

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