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Hey Baby Teclado

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Hey Baby


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Intro:  G - E - A - D  (4x)      
G - E - A - D G - EA Hey, hey, hey baby, D G - EA D G - EA - D I wanna know, if you’ll be my girl. G - EA D G - EA Hey, hey, hey baby, D G - EA D G - C - G - G7 I wanna know, if you’ll be my girl. (1st time: to 1, 2nd, 3rd times: to Bridge)
C 1. When I saw you walking down the street, G I said that’s the kind of gal I’d like to meet. C She’s so pretty, Lord, she’s fine, A (tacet) I’m gonne make her mine, all mine. (to 2nd half of CHORUS) E A BRIDGE: When you turned and walked away, that’s when I want to say, D G (tacet) "Come on, baby, give me a whirl I wanna know if you'll be my girl." (to 2nd half of CHORUS) (Original key: A Capo up 2 frets)

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