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Youre My Angel Teclado

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Youre My Angel

	   Intro A 
A                     D                            A 
You're my angel, you see me through. 
E                                        A 
Believe in me, I believe in you. 
D                                                    A    F#m 
Oh, fill my heart from, you're loving well. 
                D  E  A 
You're my Angel. 
A                        D                    A 
Pick me up when, I'm feeling down. 
A          E                            A 
When I stumble, on shaky ground. 
A                    D                              A   F#m 
Oh, you're my answer, when I can't tell. 
A              D  E  A 
You're my Angel. 

G Bm F#m A Oh you take me up to heaven. D E When you spread your loving wings.
VERSE 3: A D A When I am weary, and way behind. A E A When I am clearly, out of my mind. A D A F#m Oh, when I find I'm in my own hell. D E A F#m You're my angel. D E A Oh, you're my angel . Outro: A Asus A Asus A Note: If you want to, you can leave out the Asus note on the outro. It's just matches the Piano's pattern.. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on our transcription, please feel free to email either one of us: Josh: [email protected] Andrew: [email protected]

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