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When We Were Kings

	  Intro - A, E, D, A - Repeat 

Verse 1 

  A                    E 
Tommy got off at the Texaco 
 D                   A 
Came bustin' in to Norma's Cafe 
Said come on man we gotta go 
 D                           A 
You know how those part girls hate to wait 
Filled up his daddy's trunk with ice and beer 
 D                  A 
Yeah he was always stealin' the old man's car 
Radio never came in too clear 
        D                   A 
So I'd bang out one on my piece of junk guitar 

F#m G Yeah we ruled from the blacktop D A To the levee where the party never stopped E Yeah there was power in the night F#m G The spirit was alive when we would sing A E D G Sha na na na na na na na A When We were kings
Verse 2 A E Sittin' around the fire one night Tommy called my name D A I turned around he said hey what do ya think E Had his arm around the prettiest girl I'd ever seen D A He kissed her hard and took another drink E I say you must be an angel puttin' up with this guy D A She laughed and said play me some Rolling Stones E I couldn't let that chance go by D A Yeah I sang her "You Can't Always Get What you Want" Repeat Chorus Verse 3 A E That was the fall of '69 D A I guess Uncle Sam was hedging his bet E Tommy's number came up he said "Hey, I'll be fine" D A "I'll teach 'em a lesson they'll never forget" E Angel and I went to wave goodbye D A I guess we'd always thought we'd see him again E You know I took her out after that a couple of times D A We always just wound up talkn' 'bout him Repeat Chorus

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