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Texas Women Teclado

Brooks And Dunn


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Texas Women

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1.Well, I'll bet by the time she gets to Tulsa  
  She'll be pullin' on them tight blue jeans  
  She'll go down to Cowboy's, buy herself a cold one  
  And on a Friday night in Dallas, she's a cowboy's dream  
  Something tells me she'll sit out the first one  
  Then they'll play George Strait and she'll be gone  
  'Cause heaven knows that girl was born to two-step  
                   G                 C  
  And Texas women don't stay lonely long  
   C               F                    G  
C.It's a fact that women like the one I left  
           F              G  
  Can find somebody else  anytime they want  
   C                F              G  
  It's a shame, but I'm afraid the one I love  
  She don't like waiting much  
   G                             C  
  Texas women don't stay lonely long  
2.I'd sure like to think she'd wait forever  
  Welcome me back in with open arms  
  But she don't walkthe floor, she don't count the teardrops  
  And she don't pick up pieces from no broken heart  
  I wish I could call and say I'm sorry  
  But there's nobody sitting by the phone  
  You know she meant it when she told me that she loved me  
  But Texas women don't stay lonely long  
                                     transcribed by:Paul Leafgreen  
                                                [email protected]  


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