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My Next Broken Heart Teclado

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My Next Broken Heart

	  intro:G D G C G D G D 
G                      D 
You picked me up you shot me down 
          G              C  
You're steppin' out all over town. 
  G                                D 
Drove me back to drinkin' in this bar. 
    G              D 
I found myself a brand new friend 
      G               C 
I'm headed down that road again 
  G            D            G 
Workin' on my next broken heart. 
Happy or sad it's hard to tell 
You taught me how to hurt so well 
but when it comes to love I know my part 
I'll play this game that I can't win 
I'll be somebody's fool again 
Workin' on my next broken heart. 
C               F         C        G 
I thought all along you'd be the death of me 
C            F        C            D 
I met on tonight who wants what's left of me 
 G                     C 
I've seen that look before 
  G                    C 
She'll tear my world apart 
 G                 D            G 
I'm workin' on my next broken heart. 
then the lead. (which I don't do) Then repeat chorus.  
then repeat this line 3 times: 
 G                 D            G    C         C  
I'm workin' on my next broken heart.    {line}    {line}    
Jacob Wilson   ([email protected]) 


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