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Just Another Neon Night Teclado

Brooks And Dunn

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Just Another Neon Night

	  Intro: (G)  (G)   

I'm a (G) cold one down at the (D) end of the day 
A little (C) sundown buzz and more on the way 
I wash a (G) week's worth of dust off (D) my old truck 
While Bobby (C) Earl runs home to get dressed up 

(G) Here comes Clifford, gotta (D) 40 in a brown bag 
In his (C) pointed toe boots and a hat band rebel flag 
He's got an (G) Eastwood grin and a (D) too early swagger 
Hollerin' (C) turn off that rap boys! Play me some Haggard 

  (G) Gettin drunk, gettin (D) loud 
  Billy throws a punch in the (C) crowd  
  Some cowboy's lights got out 
  (G) Runnin' wild, getting (D) high 
  Smokin' tires through the (C) lights 
  Livin' like were never gonna die 
  It's just another, (NC) just another neon (G) night (D) (C)  
They got (G) Ricky and the Redstreaks (D) playin' down the road 
Oh, it (C) all night ladies night at the Cotton-Eyed Joe 
(G) JC always gets the girl, (D) Billy's always fighting 
(C) Poor old Bobbty Earl never gets the right one 

Repeat Chorus 


Repeat Chorus & Fade Out...

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