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I'm Bulding Bridges Teclado

Brooks And Dunn

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I'm Bulding Bridges

Intro:  (G)  (G)  (Em)  (Em)  (C)  (D)  (G)  (G)  

(G) Since you've gone, (Em) my heart said something's wrong. 
(C) How long can (D) this keep goin' (G) on? 
(G) I'm still blue (Em) over losin' you. 
(C) What else am (D) I gonna (G) do? 

  (C) I'm buildin' (G) bridges (C) straight to your (G) heart, 
  (C) An' all of this (G) distance won't (D) keep us a(Em)part, 
  Won't keep us a(C)part.  

(G) Talk to me, talk to (Em) me about sympathy. 
(C) Don't leave me (D) beggin' on my (G) knees. 
(G) Since you've gone, (Em) my heart says something's wrong. 
(D) How long can (D) this keep goin' (G) on? 

Repeat Chrous 

Instrumental (chords are same as verse) 

Repeat Chorus Twice and fade out...

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