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I Fall Teclado

Brooks And Dunn

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I Fall

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Intro:  G#  G  F 

F                      Dm 
I breeze through the day 
     G                    C 
And nothin' much seems to get in my way 
F                  Dm    Am   C 
I don't have a care at all 
Bm               C 
You walk in the room 
F               C 
It's always the same 
You call out my name 
G            C           F 
I turn     You smile    I fall 

I'm at home at night 
Just me and the moon 
But doin' all right 
When out of the blue you callI hang up the phone 
I lay down in bed 
Your still in my head 
I dream   You smile  I fall 

G#                 G       F         
Oh what could this feeling be 
G#                 G        
Could it really be love 
That's happening to me 

Oh yeah yeah 

The closer you get 
The harder it is to keep it together 
I don't have a chance at all 
It's out of my hands 
Oh but what can I do 
I'm crazy for you 
We touch    You smile    I fall 

Oh Yeah We touch You smile I fall

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