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Goin Under Gettin Over You Teclado

Brooks And Dunn

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Goin Under Gettin Over You

	  Goin Under Gettin Over You 
Brooks and Dunn 
Album:  tight rope 
Written by:  Ronnie Dunn, Terry McBride 
transcribed by Davin Harms 
This song is very easy to play but I would suggest  
buying the CD to get the rhythm down and b/c there 
are lots of other great songs on it. 
Intro:   G D C D G  x2 
I woke up in the front yard 
In the back seat of a Buick 
         C            D     G 
With the lights and the radio on 
I stumbled cross the grass 
To the front porch through the door 
      C              D          G 
Of a house that once was our home 
       C                               G 
If love once lived here you cant tell it 
               C                       D 
If I could just let go Id sell it 
         C         D              G 
Oh, Im goin under gettin over you 
   G     D   C   D   G     
(same progression as 1st verse) 
Made my way down the hall  
Through the boxes to the bed  
Where I used to hold you all night long 
Your perfume on the pillow 
Where you once laid you head 
Stays there to remind me youre gone 
Its gonna tear me apart if I let it 
I should just move on and forget it  
But, Im goin under gettin over you 
The days are long and  
the nights are tough 
All alone its just too much 
Im not handlin well  
                  C     G| 
what Im goin through 
The whiskey aint strong enough  
My hearts down to givin up 
   G                         C   G| 
Im down to my last cigarette too 
   C               D                
Oh, Im goin under  
             G       (C G --only 2nd chorus)  
gettin over you 
(instrumental)G D C D G    (  x 2)      
Repeat chorus      
  C                 D            G     
Yeah, Im goin under gettin over you 
Outro: G D C D G repeat and fade 
**** "|" = this figure on the end of  
    chord means one down stroke**** 
Questions, comments, and/or corrections are welcome. 
Thanks,  Davin 
[email protected] 


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