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Every River Teclado

Brooks And Dunn

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Every River

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	  ***** (see bottom for alternate choice) 
Intro: D 
Bm          D     Bm                 D 
Once upon a time, somewhere in your past 
G               D             Bm              D 
Someone said forever but that promise didn't last 
Bm               D      Bm           D 
Now you don't believe, love is ever true 
G                D                  Bm              D 
Steel yourself against the day, when I stop loving you 
G A When the day comes that I don't love you Bm G A Every star will fall out of the sky G D G And every mountain will tumble down Bm A D And every river run dry
Bm D Bm D For every drop of rain, that ever touched the ground G D Bm D For every tear that ever fell and never made a sound Bm D Bm D I'll be there, to hear you call G D Bm D And I'll be there to catch you baby should you ever fall CHORUS Instrumental: Bm D Bm D G D Bm D CHORUS Bm A D And every river run dry *Note-If you want to play without a capo just play the below chords in place of the ones listed above. A-----> C Bm ---> Dm D-----> F G-----> Bb

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