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Lightning Teclado

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Intro G Em D C    G Em D C 

G          Em                 D            C 
I never thought to count the hours out at sea 
      G          Em                   D                   C 
But even if you never see land that doesn't make you free 
           Am      D       Bm                A 
And it's frightening to think what might have been 
            Am     D             G 
They say lightning can't strike again 

G Em    G Em 

G          Em            D          C 
I am what one to be (?)afraid of getting old 
    G              Em                  D           C 
It helps to be a part of the greatest story ever told 

         Am        D      Bm                   A 
And it's frightening to think what might have been 
          Am     D       G             A 
They say lightning can never strike again 
          Am         D       Bm                    Em     
And this thing we pursue it don't come wrong with them 

C G 

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