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Welcome Home

Áño: 2006 - Álbum: Welcome Home

: F C D Bb x2 F C When I left home to be who I am D Bb Some people said "No Way" F C But I laid it all down, gave everything D Bb In my head rang the words that my father said Pre-Chorus D You're never far Bb I will be where you are D and when you come to me Bb C I will open my arms F Welcome Home, you C I know you by name D How do you do? Bb I shine because of you today D So come and sit down C Tell me how you are Bb I know son, it's good just to see your face. F C When I look at you holding my heart D Bb I will give to you all that I have F Son I know there'll be times C You will feel all alone D Bb I will share with you the words my father said Pre-Chorus Chorus x2 F C When I left home to be who I am D Bb Some people said "No Way"

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