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Waiting Out The Rain Teclado

Brennen Leigh

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Waiting Out The Rain

	  , all chords relative 
Intro: G 
Verse 1: 
All along the water tanks all the fences have blown down 
        G                                                 G7 
For the last two weeks, no sunshine; no work here in this town 
      C         G                                Em 
Close up the elevators, it's too damp to harvest grain 
          G                  C            D7              G 
Now we're sitting 'neath the awnings just waitin' out the rain 
Solo: C  G  Em  G  C  D7  G 
Verse 2: 
Well I came here from Florida pickin' oranges by the sea 
Then I headed North for my brother said there's work up here for me 
We rolled into Nebraska on the Union Pacific train 
Now we're starving here in Lincoln, just a'waitin' out the rain 
Solo: Play Verse 
Verse 3: 
I believe I'll go to Cali, the weather is the best 
God knows that this black thundercloud might follow me out West 
And when my maker calls me I'll be warm and dry again 
Until that day, I'm here to stay waitin' out the rain 
      G           D7          G 

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