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Home Again Teclado

Brandon Rhyder

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Home Again

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	  CAPO I 

Intro:  D   A    E    A  (x2)  

Verse I 

          D               A              E            A         D    A  E  A        
We could sit out on the front porch and wait for the sun to go down 
  	      D             A             E               A      D    A  E  A 
Or We could jump into the pickup truck, crank it up and ride around 
            D                A               E              A  	        D    A  E  A 
Or I could race you down to main street and meet you at the old court house 
           D              A              E  	       A        D     A  E  A 
Or We can buy a bunch of beer, knock em back until we all pass out 

E A Here's to old times, E A When this old place was ours E A D Back before they tore the diner down E A Here's to my old friends E A Who didn't scatter with the wind E A F#m You haven't changed at all since way back then D E A Can you make this old town feel like home again.
Verse II Do you remember that night it rained out the football game That night we partied with the girls from Ft. Worth till the police came. You know we knew we'd probly see any of those girls again To this day when I drink Tequila I think of them. Chorus F#m I don't want to hear you talk about D How your stuck here and can't get out F#m You're right where your supposed to be E I'm so glad you're here for me D A E A (x2) Chorus

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