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Red Dirt Town Teclado

Brandon Jenkins

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Red Dirt Town

	  Capo II 
Intro:  D D G D A G D 
I grew up poor on an old dirt lot,  
half a mile from the nearest black top 
my daddy got it cheap use to be a land fill,  
he helped to buy it on the G.I. Bill 
life was slow on the reservation,  
there on the edge of the Sac and Fox Nation 
G                                      D 
watchin the cars go by as the sun went down,  
      A                         G                       D 
and I dreamed about a life far away from this red dirt town 
I remember the day I turned eighteen,  
I hitched a ride to the Dairy Queen 
it was right across the street from the old bus stop,  
mama begged me not to leave but I could not stop 
ticket in hand and ready for adventure,  
felt like a slave released from indenture 
I'd come this far, too far to turn back now 
and I got away as fast as I could from this red dirt town 

Bm G Gets in your blood, gets on your boots D it's hard to shake the dirt from your roots Bm G A you can tell by the way I look and the way I sound G D I come from a red dirt town
I was headed for the promise land, the big city's where I'd make my stand by the time I reached the coast I was gatherin dust, after three long days on a Grey Hound bus But, the grass didn't seem as green, as it did on the movie screen those streets of gold were boarded up and run down, and I missed my life back home in that red dirt town Chorus Instrumental: F#m G D F#m G A Wasn't long till I was down and out, guess Mama knew what she was talkin about when she said there's nothin worse than bein alone, seventeen hundred miles away from home When I couldn't last another day, I made the hardest call I ever had to make Mama picked up the phone, and that's when I just broke down and she said son you can always come home to this red dirt town (Chorus) Theres a walkdown at the chorus to go to the Bm, and the intros not to hard to figure out but I didn't tab it out here.

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