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My Melody Of Love Teclado

Bobby Vinton



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My Melody Of Love

Áño: 1974 -

(Henry Mayer, Bobby Vinton)

 for Key of Bb 


           A                                D                     
I'm looking for a place to go so I can be all alone  
A               E7                    A         
From thoughts and memories,  
So that when the music plays I don't go back to the days  
Ebdim                               E  
When love was you and me.  

Oh, oh, moja droga, ja cie kocham*  
Means that I love you so.  

Moja droga, ja cie  kocham,*  
More than you'll ever know.  

Kocham ciebie calym serce,*  
         F#7                      Bm  
Love you with all my heart.  
D                         A        
Return to me and always be  
E7           A        E   
My melody of love.  

A                                        D                      
Wish I had a place to hide all my sorrow, all my pride  
A       E7                A  
I just can't get along  
'cause the love, once so fine, keeps on hurting all the time.  
Ebdim                     E  
Where did I go wrong?  

Chorus (x2)  


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