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I Can't Say Goodbye Teclado

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I Can't Say Goodbye

(Gerry Goffin/Carole King)


Intro: A# 

A#                               Gm 
I memorized the words..I'm gonna say to you.. 
   D#                                       F 
to tell you that..I just don't love you, anymore. 
    A#                          Gm 
But though my lines have been rehearsed so well.. 
     D#                                F 
they slip my mind when you walk in the door. 

             A#               Gm          D# 
Cause when I see your face, I matter  
                 F                    D#            F      A# 
how, you make me blue-ooo-ooo..I just can't say goodbye to you. 

A#                                Gm 
When I'm alone, I say, I can't go on this way. 
  D#                               F 
A fool could see you really love another guy. 
    A#                            Gm 
But when I hear you say that it's me you love.. 
   D#                                F 
my foolish heart believes it's not a lie. 

                  A#             Gm             D# 
Cause when you're in my heart forgets..all the times 
               F                  D#            F      A# 
you've made me blue-oo-ooo..and I can't say goodbye to you. 

A#    D#            F      A# 
No, I can't say goodbye to you. 


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