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The Hours And Days Teclado

Bob Schneider



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The Hours And Days


The hours and days 
Stack up in the mirror 
And it's been so long 
Since your favorite year 


           Am                  F     
And you're riding off into the night 
           C                         E7 
And you're climbing the wall of your life 
           Am                      F 
And you're trying with all of your might 
        C         E7 
To hold on 

And the cops are trying to pull you over 
And you're not pulling over 
And the plane is taking off with the doors wide open 
And the stewardess is giving you her number 

And your clothes are stained with something 
Is that food? 
What the hell is that? 

And you're naked and it's raining 
And you're standing there 
Holding a sword made of gold 
And you feel like you're falling 
?Cause you're falling, falling 

And your wife is asking you 
If you heard a word of what she?s been saying 
And you turn to her 
And lie 

And you are dreaming 
You're dying 
And you are dreaming 
And you are dying 
And you are dreaming 
And you are dying 
And you are dreaming 
And you are dying 

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