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You belong to me Teclado

Bob Dylan



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You belong to me

	  G                  Bm 
See the pyramids along the Nile 
C                        G 
Watch the sunrise from a tropic Isle 
C      Cm              G     D/F#     Em 
Just remember, darling all   the     while 
Am            D  D7 
You belomg to me. 
G                         Bm 
See the market place in a old Algiers 
C                        G 
Send me fhotographs and souvenirs 
C      Cm            G/F    D/F# Em 
Just remember when a dream  appears 
Am         D7 G 
You belong to me. 
G          G7             C 
I'll be so alone without you. 
A7                        D  D9 
Maybe you'll be lonesome too 
And blue. 
G                   Bm 
Fly the ocean in a silver plane 
C                        G 
See the jungle when it's wet with rain 
C      Cm           G/B   D/F#    Em 
Just remember 'til you're home again 
Am             D  
You belong to me. 
Repeat:    I'll be so alone ...  and 
           Fly the ocean ... ...  etc... 
Tom original da canção:Dó Maior(C) cifrada em (G) 
Voices in end of the song: 
Woman: " I just want to tell you I love U, and miss U, don't forget 
         about me! You won't forget about me? " 
Man :  " I won't forget about you. It's cool! No matter, where he takes 
         U. (Agora é imcompreensivel penso ser) think about, it don't matter 
         because it's fate. Know? Nobody can stop fate. Nobody can! "  
It's about time, Bye ... See You ! ... 
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