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Dress It Up Better Have It All Teclado

Bob Dylan



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Dress It Up Better Have It All

Intro: C  

"Oh, mos' feet and it hang, can't you see?" I groan. 
           F                                                             C 
She says, 'Oh, wha' 'ts arright." I said, "Jesus, don't take it at all." 
G                                               C 
She's a past-cold beauty, but she can't light a cannonball. 

Now, down by the river she's a-hop on her knees, 

and I holler to my baby, yelling, "Please, please, please!" 
F                                        C 
Oh, then I hit her and doubt my chase at all. 
G                                                         C 
Now, no hoax. Let's go! But it's that pure soul, and it's off the ball. 

Now, honey, I'm makin' a hot to road. 
Now I'm happy to leaving, but it's a heavy load. 
F                                                    C 
I said, "Ah, my babe. She don't meet me no half at all." 
G                                         C 
Dress it up. Best to pick up, bub: better have it all. 

Oh, let's shake it up. 
 C F C G C  

Well, hot dog, goody me. Settle on a trail 

Down apart my knees I can't find my kerry. Find a nail! 
F                                          C 
She old top these... oh, better hold mine up. 
G                                              C 
Please, let's go, 'n' I hope it don't interrupt. 

Oh, do it again, now. One time for Bozo and his dog. 
 C F C G C  

I hope it come' easy; I hope it comes hard; 

I hope I sit me down yon' sit a little a chicken yard. 
F                                    C 
Open up, ol' Henry. Get that boy on home. 
G                                     C 
Tell Bess momma, he's up 'n' gone too long. 

Once again, now. Oh, sounds so sweet. 
 C F C G C  and repeat 

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