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Dream Teclado

Bob Dylan



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	   C           Dm                F                    G7 
While riding on a train goin' west, I fell asleep for to take some rest. 
C                      F       C 
I dreamed a dream that made me sad, 
   Am        Dm           G7                  C 
Concerning myself and the first few friends I had. 
     C                Dm 
With half damp eyes I stared into the room, 
	         F                   G7 
	Where my friends and I spent many an afternoon. 
      C                     F      C 
Where we together weathered many a storm, 
Am           Dm               G7                 C 
Laughin' and singin' 'til the early hours of the morn. 
       C                          Dm 
By the old wooden stove where our hats were hung, 
	    F                       G7 
	Our words were told and our songs were sung. 
         C                           F          C 
Where we longed for nothing and were quite satisfied 
Am          Dm               G7              C 
Talkin' and jokin' about the wicked world outside. 
     C                          Dm 
With haunted hearts through the heat and cold 
 	F                         G7 
	we never thought we could get very old. 
   C                       F       C 
We thought we could sit forever in fun, 
        Am      Dm            G7         C 
But our chances really were a million to one. 
   C                   Dm 
As easy it was to tell black from white, 
            F                     G7 
	it was all that easy to tell wrong from right. 
    C                        F             C 
Our choices were few and the thought never hit 
         Am          Dm              G7               C 
That the one road we travelled would ever shatter and split. 
    C               Dm                  F                      G7 
How many a year has passed and gone and many a gamble has been lost and won 
    C                    F      C 
And many a road taken by many a friend, 
Am       Dm               G7         C 
And each one of them I'll never see again. 
  C               Dm 
I wish, I wish, I wish in vain 
          F                           G7 
	that we could sit simply in that room once again, 
    C                       F         C 
Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat, 
    Am          Dm            G7                  C 
I'd give it all gladly  


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