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You Owe Us Blood

	  Intro: Em G C 
(Em G C D) 
Come to the dance floor 
Carry on to the fire-match 
Come to the choker game 
Tied up on comebacks to run again 
The future may not be bleak enough 
Tied up on western welfare 
Tied up on waking to burn 
Burn, burn 
C   D   Em  Bm      C 
Tie you up  by your sore 
C   D    Em       Bm C 
Standing up, you slide 
    C D  Em    Bm     C 
The Evil burn spreads love 
C   D    Em      Bm C 
Standing up, you slide 
(Em G C D) 
Hidden in the ghost of the slash 
Then comes the ghost in you 
Locked in comic novel shows 
Tied up on leaking to burn 
You owe us blood 
´Cause you still have it 
Well, everybody 
Come dance to the brim 
Em D G C# 
       Em          D 
Have a go into the deep 
G              C# 
Now, in your sleep 
     Em            D              A 
From the cup where shortcuts are dying 
Em           D 
Go, into the deep 
G              C# 
Drink, soak up your sleep  
 C              Bm         A 
About now we glaze over life 



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