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Intro:  Dsus2/C#  Dsus2 (8x) 

Verso 1:
 Dsus2/C#  Dsus2                 
It's  too  late to say goodbye 
 Dsus2/C#  Dsus2            
Now I'm drowning in your eyes 
 Csus2/E         G 
I'm drowning 
             Dsus2/C#  Dsus2     
Back to you 

Verso 2:
 Dsus2/C#  Dsus2        
I know the way these things begin 
 Dsus2/C#  Dsus2       
See how flesh presses the skin 
 Csus2/E           G 
I'm bursting 
             Dsus2/C#  Dsus2   
Without you 
  Csus2/E           G   Dsus2/C#  Dsus2  
Love you like in poetry 
  Csus2/E           G     A 
This urge hinders me to flee 

Dsus2/C# Dsus2 G I'm climbing your tree Dsus2/C# Dsus2 G Allured in your seed Dsus2/C# Dsus2 G I'm c limbing your tree Dsus2/C# Dsus2 G Where I dare to see
To me you are all the party For love and love only I´m riving Apart from you Close to what's eternal A place where we together fall Promise me a peace I never knew Love you like in poetry This urge hinders me to flee I'm climbing your tree Where I may not cede I'm climbing your tree Where I dare to see Ponte: A Em No one ever knew the gold A Of the burette in your hair G How write your dreams down to a letter Em Underneath a pale light G Like lovers often will A Dsus2 G D G I'll go back to you again Em G Em G I'm climbing your tree ( D Dsus2 G ) (4x)

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