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I Will

Áño: 2002 - Álbum: Spirit Dancer

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	  Intro: (E)  (B)  (C#m)  (A) 
I will (E) crawl through your breeze, I'll (B) cry 'til I drown 
Cut a (C#m) path through your dark, 'til I'm (A) lost and you're found 
Turn your (E) blue into grey - won't (B) hurt when I bleed 
I'll give (C#m) up my desire, 'til you (A) get what you need 
 	 (E) Ask me to be there when(B)ever you fall 
 	 To do (C#m) anything - everything - (A) nothing at all 
 	 I'll (E) move any mountain that (B) keeps you from me 
 	 I will (C#m) change - rearrange - disa(A)ppear in your dreams 
 	 Don't (E) ask me to let go 
 	 Or (B) make me give up 
 	 Cause I (C#m) love you that mu(A)ch 	  
 	 And I (E) will (B) 
 	 Baby, I (C#m) will (A) 
(E) I'll never say, "I (B) know how you feel" 
Cause I (C#m) know in your heart, those (A) demons are real 
So (E) don't push me out, and I (B) won't pull you in 
But, I (C#m) won't let love lose, if you'll (A) just let love win 
repeat chorus 
If (B) you can just look past your (C#m) fears 
(A) You'll see me standing right (B) here 
repeat chorus 
It'll (E) kill me (B) 
But, baby I wi(C#m)ll (B)  

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