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The Luckiest Teclado

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The Luckiest

Áño: 2001 - Álbum: Rockin' the Suburbs

	  Intro: D|G|D|A|Bm|F#m|G|D A|D        
D        A              D                G 
I don't get many things right the first time 
    D             Bm          C     F#m(strum once)  C  
In fact, I am told that a lot       
Now I know all the wrong turns,     
         D                   Bm                     F#m  A 
And stumbles and falls brought me here 
Bm                   G                 Bm 
And where was I before the day              
                 E                      A 
That I first saw your lovely face       
          F#m            G        F#m   G 
Now I see it every day 
       D A 
And I know          
        D A  Bm 
That I am   
I am 
G A        D           A 
I am the luckiest 
Interlude: D|G|D|A         
             D          A 
What if I'd been born 
D               G 
Fifty years before you      
In a house      
          Bm                      C      F#m(strum once)  C 
On a street where you live             
Maybe I'd be outside        
             D                       G 
As you passed on your bike         
              F#m    A 
Would I know? 
Bm         G                 Bm 
And In a wide sea of eyes         
            E                A          F#m     G 
I'd see one pair that I recognize     
        D   A 
And I'd know      
        D A  Bm 
That I am   
I am 
G A        D          D   A 
I am the luckiest 
Em          Em                     Bm 
I love you more than I have      
         Bm                  D        G    D   A 
Ever found a way to say to you     
Next door            
There's an old man     
         D               G 
Who lived to his nineties         
               D                   Bm            C         F#m(strum once)  C 
And one day, passed away in his sleep         
              A             A 
And his wife, she stayed       
          D             G                          D        Bm  F#m  A  Bm 
For a couple of days and passed away              
I'm sorry, I know that's a  
Bm                    E                   A 
Strange way to tell you that I know      
            F#m    G  G 
We belong      
       D   A 
That I know      
        D A  Bm 
That I am   
I am 
G A        D            A     D 
I am the luckiest 


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