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Woman In Love Teclado

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Woman In Love

(Bee Gees)

Em7          Am               Em7 
   Life is a moment into space 
       Am       C7+ 
When a dream is gone 
       D         G 
It's a lonely up place 
Dm                         C 
   A kiss the morning good bye 
         Bm   Am 
But down in...side 
You know we never know why 
Em7            Am             Em7 
   The road is narrow and long 
     Am        C7+ 
When eyes meet eyes 
    D        G 
I'm feeling strong 
Dm                         G 
   I turn the way from the wall 
   C          G 
I stumble and fall 
         C           B7 
But I'll give you it all 
Em7       B7       Em7 
   I am a woman in love 
      B7    Em7 
And I do anything 
           B7      Em7 
To get you into my world 
    B7             Em7 
And hold you within 
     D       Am                  G 
It's why I disere over and over again 
Em7          C7+   D 
What's I do 
Em7          Am          Em7 
   With you eternely mine 
   Am         Em7 
In love there is 
   D         G 
No mesure of time 
Dm                               C 
   We planned it all and let is start 
         Bm  Am 
That you and I 
Live in each others part 
Em7           Am         Em7 
   We may run oceans away 
   Am     C 
If you my love 
  D             G 
I hear what you say 
Dm                      G 
   No truth is ever and I 
   C          G 
I stumble and fall 
         C           B7 
But I'll give you it all Alan 

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