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Christmas Time Is Here Teclado

Bebo Norman



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Christmas Time Is Here

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Christmas... From the Realm of Glory


Intro:  D Gsus2 D Gsus2 D Gsus2 D 

    D        Gsus2     D 
The days are getting     cold 
     D       Gsus2    D  
It's warm inside our    homes 
D      Gsus2   D 
Family drawing   near 
D         Gsus2     D 
Christmas time is    here 

D Gsus2 So I'll say "Merry Christmas" Bm D I'll wish peace to you D Gsus2 Bm A I'll hope for the hopeless, your dreams come true D Gsus2 And I'll pray for the laughter Bm D I'll sing through the tears D Gsus2 Bm A D I'll say Merry Christmas for all the world to hear
The smell of evergreen A wooden manger scene A starry night so clear Christmas time is here Chorus So for a moment now Let's lay our weapons down When our walls disappear Christmas time is here Chorus (2x)

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