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Eat Your Dog Teclado

Bad Religion

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Eat Your Dog

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

 F# (H)  F (H)  D# (H) 
A# G#  
C# C A# G# 
weak and sick, dying in the sand, no such thing as a promised land. 
don't lose faith in a better life--reincarnation, poor excuse. 
A#     C#         A#            F#       F              D# 
you're dying you assholes, your religion can't help you now. 
C#        A#              F#         F       D# 
dying and starving in the fields you used to plow. 
rotting bones in your barren fields. Worshipped creature's supposed to heal. 
he won't save you and he won't save me. See what you want to see. 
Hindu religion in the mind of a working Joe, 
starving and dying in the fields you used to know. 
F#          F   D#         F#    F       D# 
you're tied and bound to a god's useless advice. 
bloated stomachs from aching diseases hold back the fight. 
G#     G          F      G#        G      F 
in the end you'll return once more to die again. 
F#    G        F                F#   G      F 
go on 'til you can't no more in non-eternal sin. 
Contribuição: Thiago Ramires([email protected]) 


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