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Island Song Teclado

Andrew Jackson Jihad



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Island Song

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Intro (the F and C
Dm, C (x2) 

F              Am                 Dm         C 
I'm on an island and that island is sinking 
F                Am               Dm              C 
that island likes to stay up all night drinking 
Dm                C                  Dm                     C 
How could I escape it do you think that I will make it out alive? 

(intro riff) 

F               Am      Dm                       C 
The other island is one that I'm well acquainted. 
F                      Am                               Dm                     C 
For three whole years I've been back and forth 'till I nearly fainted. 
Dm                          C                     Dm                   C 
I loved that island dearly, but I've hunted all the animals in to extinction 

(intro again!) 

F            Am             Dm    C 
And I was born to sail away. 
F            Am                  Dm    C 
And I was born to live my life. 
Dm                  C                      Dm                C                    Dm                C 
I think I should learn to swim or build a boat to love myself again, to learn to be self-sufficient.   

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