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We Are Destroyer

(Anberlin/Stephen Christian/Micah Tawlks)

Intro: Bm G (D) Em (2x) 

verse 1: 
Em                        Bm 
  We're creatures of indecision, easily undone 
Em                  G 
  Caught inside collisions under a dying sun 
Em                     Bm                     Em 
  Take our time for granted, entitled in this life 
Entertain us now, we're owed everything in sight 

PreChorus 1: 
  Give us what we want 
Em                       G 
  What we don't want to earn  
Give us what we think we need  

But we don't wanna learn  

Em In just a matter of minutes, just a matter of time C D We could lose it all, we could lose it all Em If all we are is just what we've earned C D We are the destroyers Em Stop and take it in, think it through now C D Tread light on our future Em If all we are is just what we've earned C D We are the destroyers
Interlude: Bm G (D) Em (2x) verse 2: Em Bm We seek tomorrow's sun, it's all for the taking here Em G Only the valiant survive, live for better years Em Bm Shut up and actually try, no one can help us now Em G It's us against the tides, and will be 'til we die PreChorus 2: Em Em No one gives you what you want G Don't get what you don't earn Am Can't have what you need, Only what you deserve. Chorus Interlude x2 Chorus x2 *Second Chorus outro (last 2 lines): Em If all we are is just what we've earned C C C G G Am (punch chords) We are the destroyers

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