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The Feel Good Drag Teclado




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The Feel Good Drag

Áño: 2005 - Álbum: Never Take Friendship Personal

	  *Tune 1/2 step down 

(intro)  F# A D E F# 

(verse 1)  
F#                             A  
"I'm here for you," she said, and we can stay for awhile  
D               E  
my boyfriend's gone, we can just pretend  
F#                    A 
Lips that need no introduction, Now who's the greater sin  
D                            E                              F# 
Your drab eyes seem to invite, (tell me darling) Where do we begin.  
F# A Was this over before, before it ever began? D E Your kiss, your calls, your crutch, Like the devil's got your hand F# A This was over before, Before it ever began D E F# E F# E Your lips, your lies, your lust, Like the devil's in your hands
(verse 2) F# A Everyone in this town, is seeing somebody else D E Everybody's tired of someone, our eyes wander for help F# A Prayers that need no answer now, I'm tired of who I am D E You were my greatest mistake, I fell in love with your sin F# E F# E F# Your littlest sin (chorus) (ponte) F# A Failure is your disease, You want my outline drawn D E You were my greatest failure, Discourse your saving song (solo) F# E F# E F# F# A D E

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