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From a Distance Teclado

Alan Jackson



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From a Distance

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: Don't Rock the Jukebox

	  E       B 
Just Another Bar 
     A    B 
With Loud Guitars 
A         B               E 
Smoke And Candles Burning Low 
And The Same Ol' Boys 
           A            B 
With Their Backs To The Bar 
A       B                E 
Staring Across A Crowded Floor 
A             B7 
Then I Hear A Familiar Sound 
A          B7           A     B 
Your Voice Laughing Out Loud 
NC E B From A Distance A B A I Can See You B Dancing Slowly With Somebody New E B But I Can't Hold You A B Like I Want To A B But I Can Love You NC E From A Distance
E B So I Take A Chair A B In A Corner Somewhere A You Can't See Me B E But I Can Look At You B A And I Remember Those Times B A When I Looked In Your Eyes B E The Way He Now Looks At You A B7 Deep Down I Know It's Over A B7 A B But It Hurts Me When He's So Much Closer Chorus A B7 If I Can't Hold You Near Me A B I'll Just Hold On To Your Memory Chorus B A B NC E I'll Always Love You From A Distance

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