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Angels Among Us

Áño: 1993 - Álbum: Alabama - Greatest Hits III

(Becky Hobbs and Don Goodman)

	  performed by none other than ALABAMA 
4/4 time;  I play with the capo at the first fret, so it'll be in the right  
key.  So if you want it to be in the correct key (Ab) either do that or  
don't use a capo and play all chords 1/2 step up from how they are written  
(G D/F#) |(Cadd9)   |(G) (Bm7) |(Cadd9)) (D7) | 
verse 1 
(G)I was walkin' (D/F#)home from school 
(Em7)on a (Cadd9) cold winter day, 
(G)took a short cut (Em7)through the (Cadd9)woods 
and I (D)lost my way. 
(G)It was gettin' (D/F#)late, (Em7)and I was (Cadd9)scared and alone. 
(G)Then a kind old (Fm7)man took my (Cadd9)hand, and led (D)me home. 

sung:(Cadd9)mama couldn't see (Bm7)him,  
but (Cadd9)he was standing (D7)there, 
and (Cadd9)I knew in my (G/B)heart
he was the (Cadd9)answer to my (D7)prayer
Oh, (Gadd9)I be-(Em7)lieve there are (Am7)Angels A-(D7)mong Us, (Gadd9)sent down (Em7)to us from (Cadd9)somewhere up above. (D7)They come to (Gadd9)you and (Em7)me in (C)our darkest hours(D7) to (Cadd9)show us how to (Bm7)live to (Cadd9)teach us how to (D7) give to (Cadd9)guide us with a (D7)light of (G)love.
(G Bm7) |(Cadd9 D7) | Verse 2 When life held troubled times and had me down on my knees there's always been someone to come along and comfort me a kind word from a stranger to lend a helping hand a phone call from a friend just to say I understand Now ain't it kind of funny at the dark end of the road someone light the way with just a single ray of hope. repeat Chorus Bridge: (Cadd9)They wear so (Bm7)many faces, (Cadd9)show up in the (Bm7)strangest places and (Cadd9)grace us with their (Bm7)mercies (Am7)in our time of (D7)need. repeat chorus then repeat, "to guide us with a light of love" (G) |(C) |(D7) |(G) y'all enjoy! Doug (I love this song) Smith [email protected]

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