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Home Again Teclado

Adam Carroll


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Home Again

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Intro chords:
C   G  C  D   C  Em  D   G  twice

G                               D 
We all move in circles from the day that we begin
Em                    C                     D               G    
We wait around til we run aground before it all comes back again
G                      D
He was a husband and a father just the same
Em                   C              D                    G 
But when his country went to war he knew they'd draw his name
G                                  D
He told them he was crazy but they would not let him be
Em                     C              D                  G
They sent him off as a wandering hero lost in an unknown sea
C G C G He was fightin until nightfall, waitin for the day C Em D C that peace would come back and he could get back home again C G C G Washed upon a new land, feelin like an old man C Em D G He wasn't gettin any younger, he wants to get back home again
Twenty years is a long time when you wanna be some place else I see his name in everyone just like I see myself Seven years with calypso, immortality for love And I stared at the constellations wishin for the girl I was dreamin of Summer times I've stood underneath the beer joint sign Cause even ol' Odysseus got bored from time to time
Diggin in my billfold, countin out the spare change Gotta take a Greyhound so I can get back home again Spent the night with strangers, lookin for my friends Better keep on lookin til I get back home again
Bridge: Em C D Em Old times always stay the same and brand new days are strange Em C A D D/C D/B D/A But you never lose yourself and all you do is change All our days are short next to the rings around a tree But trouble like the Cyclops keeps one great big eye on me I won't run out of courage and I won't give up the game Cause everybody's watchin you when nobody is your name
Stuck inside a mouse hole runnin' out of hope Better keep on diggin til you get back home again Make it through the worst pains, callin out the Gods' names They'll stick besides you until you get home again

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