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Guitar Riff e|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|-----------------0--------------1111----| (Close enough) Repeats D|0h2-0h2-0h2-0h2-0-20h2-0h2-0h2-0----4p2-| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------| Scale Riff e|--------------------------3-0-| B|---------------------3h5-3----| G|------------0-----2h4---------| B|-------0h2-0-2-2hr------------| A|----0h2-----------------------| E|-0h3--------------------------|
E A B E Gonna drift to the great wide open A B E Gonna set my spirit free A B E Won?t stop until I reach the ocean A B E A Gonna break these chains holding me E Uncaged E A B E Gonna swim in the coldest river A B E Gonna drink from a mountain spring A B E Defend the land of the great wide open A B E A Gonna let the water roll all over me E Uncaged! (Musical Interlude) E A E Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh! (Musical Interlude - Follows A, E chords ) E A I wanna swim in the sunshine E A Everyday find a way to face my fears E A Oooohhhh! (1/2 of Scale Riff) I wanna get in the wind (Scale Riff, Musical Interlude)
E A B E Gonna take every chance I?m given A B E Feel the wind through the open plains A B E Freedom is a gift get living A B E A Go chase that sunset highway down A You got to get uncaged!

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