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Junkyard Acordes

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Tune Half-Step Down to Match Recording  

This is how I play the intro/first verse when I play acoustic:  
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e|-------0-------0-------0---------------| B|.------1-------1-------1--------------.| G|-----2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2-----| D|.-------------------------------------.| A|---0-------0-------0-------3---2-------| E|---------------------------------------|
let the A and G strings ring. Am And I have lived in a junkyard, where the weeds eat up the rain Am You get anything there, you are out of place Am You know there's hell to pay F C G And say, "You're are sick, as you are lovely F C G And in need of a hand" F C G He tells me, you are never worthy F C F C But I was just a child you see, that's my reality He had a sick little girl, dirty and harmed with a breast plate made of metal She drives all day in a rusty Buick, feet don't reach the pedals Got a jar of flies, a fathers disguise, where his heart should be A mouth is sown together, she screams with those eyes! And he says, "She's as sick, as she is lovely and in need of my hand" He tells her, you are never worthy She was all alone you see, that was her reality? yeah Shoulda been sleepin, shoulda been dreaming, but I wake up to broken glass We want more, an empty desk, in my homeroom class I got an old bone pocket knife, tight in my right hand to save my poor mother, from the junk yard man! And I say, "he's is sick he is not lovely And in need of a hand" And he will know he's not worthy As he dies alone you see, that's his reality I'm not sick, I am lovely, and hatred is the curse of man! And I will not feel unworthy Cause I've washed my hands you see, that's my reality

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