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A A-G#m-F#m F#m-G#m-A e |----------------------------| B |----------------------------| G |----------------------------| D |----------------------------| A |--4----4-2-0----0-2-4-------| E |--5----5-4-2----2-4-5-------|
A Em Scold me, that's all you've got to say A G# Coldly, hurt me and turn away C#m G#m A F#m You say, "I'm not sorry yet" I'm resigned to what is next A I head for the shadow (play intro) A Em Hold me taking it back through tears A G# You've told me, slowly confessed your fears C#m G#m A F#m But I've got myself to protect. It's too soon for me to forget A I'll wait in the shadows Em D C#m In the shadows, where I end up loved D C#m They help me see that I've finally won B E We wait in your heart A Em A G# C#m G#m A F#m So until I truly believe that your words convey what you mean A I'll wait in the shadows Em I'll wait in the shadows D A I don't mind the shadows.

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