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Grandmother Says

(Lee Schwartz/Steve Voice/Peter Yellowstone)

Intro: D Bm F#m Em G A D A 

D                               F#m   Bm 
Got to get you home on the last bus  
F#m    Em         G        A 
I know it's late, so don't make a fuzz  
F#m     Em                      A 
There's trouble growing for the both of us 
When I get you home  
To your mom and dad. 
A   D                      F#m 
All night long you've been nagging me 
         Em                       A 
And that reminds me, oh, have you got your key?  
        Em                      A 
I don't fancy climbing the big old tree  
Cause the first and last time  
I've got disgust to show 
Oh oh. 
  Bm          F#m    D#m 
* Grandmother says  
  Bm             Em 
* Shouldn't make love at the gate  
* For love is blind  
* But the neighbors ain't 
  Bm          F#m 
* Grandmother says 
* And she should know you know  
              F#m               Bm 
* Grandmother says, grandmother says. 
          D                   Bm     F#m 
** Aren't you going to ask me inside  
   G           Em          A 
** Or leave me here in the cold and rain  
   F#m    G       Em           A 
** And if you do, I won't come round again. 
G   F#m 
Oh, don't you want me too 
A               G     
I'll be good to you.  

* Refrain...  
** Refrain II...  
Oh, don't you want me too  
Em              A 
I'll be good to you. 

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