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Baltimore Fireflies Acordes




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Baltimore Fireflies


	  Intro: Em D Bm  C (2x) 

Em                          D 
What are the words that I'm supposed to say? 
Bm                             C 
Your white skin, swirling fireflies. 
Em                          D 
Darkness has surrounded Baltimore bay. 
Bm                           C 
Why don't you open your blue eyes? 
Em                               D 
Are they things that water can't wash away? 
G                              C 
How can your absence leave no trace? 
Em                        D 
As I let you sink in Baltimore bay. 
G                         C 
I drown myself deep in disgrace. 

(2x)(Em D G C) 

Em                            D 
What is the price, am I supposed to pay? 
G                            C 
For all the things I try to hide? 
Em                          D 
What is my fate, am I supposed to pray? 
G                                C 
That trouble's gone with the sunlight? 

(2x)(Em D G C) 

F#m                             E 
A warm sun rises and ignites the bay. 
A                             D 
I come back home and start to cry 
F#m                         E 
I'll never come back to Baltimore bay. 
A                      D 
Try to forget the fireflies. 
F#m                             E 
What are the words that I'm supposed to say? 
A                          D 
If someone knew about this lie? 
F#m                       E 
If your body rises to the surface? 
A                          D 
Through the silence of fireflies 

(2x)(F#m E A D) 
(4x)(Abm F# Bb E) 

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