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On Returning Acordes




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On Returning

(Graham Lewis/Colin Newman)


Intro (0:00) 
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B e-----------|---------------| b-----------|---------------| g-----------|--------4-4-4--| d-----------|--------4-4-4--| x3 a--2-4-5-2--|--2-4---2-2-2--| e-----------|---------------|
Verse (0:18) B You'll be sorry when the sun has roasted you to B Lobster red, nothing said B When yellow has turned green to brown, divide by four B Multiply by nine, describe your divisions, anatomical derision Chorus (0:40) B Lobster head and lobster feet G A On arriving with a third language G A B Tucked into your brief case, next to your toothbrush G A Along with a copy of the 'Nouvel Observateur'
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Riff (0:54) B E B e-----------|---------------| b-----------|---------------| g-----------|--------4-4-4--| d--------2--|--------4-4-4--| a--2-4---2--|--2-4---2-2-2--| e--------0--|---------------|
Verse (0:59) B E While your sons and daughters who registered naught B Under intensive electronic scanning B E You regard your body with regard to events B With which nothing planned Chorus (1:11) B Never lacked a sense of theater G A On returning with the tab you've gained G A B A head of world service, the best of your culture G A B An evening of fun in the metropolis of your dream Outro (1:24) G A B An evening of fun in the metropolis of your dream (x8 and fade out)

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