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Wilf Carter

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Yodeling My Babies To Sleep

	  Hi, Greg. . . 
Here are a couple of Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) songs that I particularly 
like.  I love Wilf's pure, simple yodeling style, and I've included the 
yodeling as I transcribed it from his recordings. 
Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) 
peppy ? time 
I G want a sweet wife -- with blue eyes so bright 
That will D7 stay by my fire-side at G night. 
Not one -- with a Sheik ev-'ry night of the week 
While I D7 rock all my ba-bies to G sleep. 
She goes -- to the show-when the bright lights are low, 
She D7 knows every cop on the G street. 
While G I'm left a-lone -- with the babies at home 
Just a D7 yo-deling my ba-bies to G sleep. 
With a D7 HO dee d'LEH-ee, 
G HI a'dee d'LEH-ee 
D7 HO dee d'LEH-ee, 
G HI a'dee d'LEH-ee 
C HO a'deedel LEH-ee ee  G OO d'deedle-OH 
D7 I yo-del my ba-bies to G sleep. 
If I G asked her to go -- with me to a show 
There's a D7 girl-friend she prom-ised to G meet. 
I G get -- me own break-fast and work all day long 
While she D7dreams of the moon-light so G sweet. 
Think I'll get a div-orce - trade her off for a horse. 
What she's D7 good for is more than I G know. 
Then the G ba-bies and I - could go riding by 
And D7 smile at her each time we'd G meet. 
G As you all know - sweet ba-bies soon grow 
To D7 join in the world happy G throng. 
But what tickles me is when those ba-bies, you see, 
Join D7 me in my yo-deling G song. 
Can you picture me a ba-by on each knee 
When D7 com-pany's a-round I feel G queer. 
My wife says I'm fine, handing her same old line 
"You're D7 dar-ling, you're grand, oh, you're G dear". 
end with YODEL 
Alice Hanks (Allen) 
A.K.A., a SaddleBag 
[email protected]

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