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Theologians Acordes


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Bb  Am  Gm  C 
     Bb     Am 
                  Gm     C 
They don't know nothing 
             Bb    Am 
About my soul 
             Gm   C 
About my soul 
         Bb    Am 
I'm an ocean 
                Gm    C 
An abyss in motion 
       F    D7 
Slow motion 
       Gm    Bb C 
Slow motion 
  F                    D7 
Inlitterati lumen fidei 
                       Gm   Bb C 
God is with us everyday 
        F            D7 
That illiterate light 
                     Gm   Bb C 
Is with us every night 
     Bb      Am 
                 Gm       C 
That don't know nothing 
             Bb   Am 
About my soul 
                 Gm     C 
Oh they don't know 
      F                              D7 
They thin my heart with little things 
                      Gm    Bb C 
And my life with change 
      F            D7 
Oh in so many ways 
                             Gm  Bb C 
I find more missing every day 
    Bb      Am  Gm  C  X2 
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e|--------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------------- D|-------------5~----------5~-----------------7------------------------ A|-5h8~-5---5-8---8p5---5-8---5--5~--8p5--5-8-----5p3~----------------- E|--------8-----------8---------8--------8----------------------------- e|-------13p12-10---------13p12-10----------------13p12-10------------- B|--10h13--------10~----10---------12~-/15---10h13--------10~---------- G|--------------------10----------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------------
Dm Dm/C I'm going away Dm/B Dm/Bb Where you will look for me Dm Dm/C Dm/B Dm/Bb Where I'm going you cannot come D5 F5 G5 No one's ever gonna take my life from me D5 F5 I lay it down G5 A ghost is born A ghost is born A ghost is born Bb Am I'm an ocean Gm C I'm all emotion Bb Am I'm a cherry ghost Gm C Cherry ghost Bb Am Hey I'm a cherry ghost Gm C A cherry ghost Bb Am Gm C X3 Bb

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