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Taste The Ceiling

	  Intro: G C Am Em C Am 

G                       C             Am 
I was only asking for a moment of the truth 
Em                             C                    Am 
I can't fight the feeling when I'm hanging out with you 
G                    C             Am 
Why do I forgive you because I get confused 
Em                             C               Am  G 
I could never leave behind the part of me that you refuse 

G C Am 

G                            C               Am 
I was on the ceiling I could almost feel the sun 
Em                                   C              Am 
Try the words in sequence but that's never how it's done 
G                             C           Am   
Why do our disasters creep so slowly into view 
Em                 C                Am                 G 
I was only after a friend to follow through I couldn't lose 

G C Am Em 

G                    C 
I know why you don't really know me 
G                     C              
I don't think you can call it home 
G                    C             G 
All alone I couldn't taste another thing 

Am C G Am C 

G                          C                 Am 
I was on the ceiling and I swore it might be true 
Em                                C                Am        G 
I could fight the feeling but not quite as well as you could do 

G C Am Em C Am 

G                       C 
I don't know, won't you come and show me 
G                           C 
I don't think it's what you did before 
G                           C 
All alone I couldn't take a kiss like you 

Am C G Am C G 

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