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Everywhere I Go

F              Dm     C        F 
Everywhere I go, I see You 
F                           Dm    C      F 
And everything I do, is in your memory 
Dm     C      Dm     C 
I try hard, I do my best 
Dm     C        Dm       C        Bb 
Sleeping dogs won't lie, They follow me 
Everywhere I go 
Everywhere I go 
If I'm in the area, I might call in 
Just kind of casual, I put the ball in you court 
It's all I can do, To stop myself from breaking down 
And saying I need you 
Everywhere I go 
Everywhere I go 
Dm          C                Bb 
I can't go down to buy a pint of milk without wanting you 
Dm          C                Bb                 Bbm 
Excuse I make to make contact just make a mess 
I want you back 
But if I knew what's good  for me, I would steer clear 
And if you rang me on the telephone, I would not hear 
I'm on call all through the day, all through the night 
But I don't get paid you cheat me 
Everywhere I go 
Everywhere I go 
Everywhere I go 
Everywhere I go 
Weddings Parties Anything - Everywhere I Go 
Written By Mick Thomas 


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