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Say It Now

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Capo en el 1er traste

Tuning: Standard 

    C                                G 
And tired eyes just lay your head on me 
    Am                            F 
and I'll be there until you fall asleep 
    C                               G 
the storm is getting closer I won't leave 
        Am                                F 
all the words I sing are whispers in your dreams 

Pre Chorus 
       C                   G                Am 
when I said I wanted it all, I wanted it all 
                   F                        C 
it hurts more than ever, I won't give up now  
                 G                     Am 
and all that you are is all that I need 
I promised forever 

C G so tell me it hurts, tell me it burns Am F tell me it's love and that you're ready to fall C G into my arms, or into the ground Am F it's lost or it's found whatever you need to say C G say it now, Am F say it now
*Repeat Verse & Pre Chorus* Bridge F C say it, tell me that you love me G Am say you want to leave me, tell me that you need me F C say it like you mean it, you know that I can take it G you know that it won't break me Am I just wanna know. *Repeat Chorus*

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