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Intro 2 
| C*         | C*         | C*         | C          | 

F  Em  Dm   C              G        Am   F                C         G 
Trying   to clip the creek   to the bank   with a clothes pin, 
            Am      G       F       G        F         F 
waterlogged system,   rusty spring,   faulty planning. 
C              G        F                F 
Logic squeezed out like mustard at a corndog, 
C      G                 F       F 
  hypertension is not wisdom, 
C  G    F F 
chewing     the leather straps. 

| C*         | C*         | C*         | C          | 

F  Em  Dm   C            G Am    F        C          G 
Trying   to hold the sun   still   with a bobby pin, 
       Am       G              F              F 
burned fingers,   excellent conductor of heat. 
C            G            F                F 
Private fantasies are not public policy, 
C           G            F             F 
  Christian charity is a doily over my death boner. 
C      G               F             F 
  Busy work is not the Great Wall of China, 
C           G           F               F 
  vanity bamboo hut out back behind the big house. 
C  G       F     F F               (C) 
Pretend is salve     for whitey-boy guilt. 

| C*         | C*         | C*         | C          | 

F  Em Dm  C           G     F    F             (C) 
Furiously slapping at   the moon   with a cane  pole. 

| C*         | C*         | C*         | C          | 

F  Em  Dm   C           G         F F                   C      G 
Trying   to prop up the   heavens     with a fresh flat pencil, 
                 F                  F 
some folks are allergic to rubber. 
C      G                F                   F 
  I am trying to stitch this one to all the rest of them 
C         G          F       F 
  but the seams will split, 
C    G        F              F 
  collide and cleave. 
C    G           F          C     G       F          F               (C) 
  Neopolitan ice   cream is never   truly integrated   until it's too late. 

| C*         | C*         | C*         | C          | 

F  Em  Dm   C                 G      F F      C    G 
Trying   to stop the bleeding   with   scotch tape, 
                  F       G             F                 G 
Platelets spoil adhesion,   fire up the cauterizing iron, 
                     F       G                  F          F 
it's a branding of necessity   not scarification. 
C           G             F             F 
Bliss was a pimple that I tried to pop, 
C                   G         F            F 
  it erupted up and out on my countenance. 

C       G            F        F 
  Ugly eruption, Vesuvius, 
C       G            F        F 
  ugly eruption, Vesuvius. 
C       G            F        F 
  Ugly eruption, Vesuvius, 
C          G    F        F 
  Vesuvius at myself, 
  F           F        C      C      C      C 
Vesuvius at myself. 

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