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Baby Thats Cold

(Max D. Barnes/Hank Cochran/Vern Gosdin)

	  Vern Gosdin 
Baby thats cold 

intro: B  E 

You said sit down here and listen,  
there is something that i need to say to you 
B                                                       E 
Something here is missing, Baby you can tell me what to do 
E                                                                  A  
i felt the hurt start crawling, as i waited for the other shoe to fall 
         E                           B                           E 
then you loked at me and told me, you never realy cared for me at all 

A E Baby that's cold, that realy hurts, B E E7 down through my soul, clear to the bone A E it cut like a knife, more than you know B E B That realy hurts, baby thats cold
E B Baby someday i'll forget you, and just maybe i'll get over you in time B E I'll do anything i have to, to wash away that memory from my mind E A it still tears my heart out, to know that you don't want me anymore E B E i've been through a lot of heartaches, but nothing has ever hurt that bad before Chorus B E That realy hurts, Baby thats cold I belive this is the first time this song is posted on the internet, cause i couldn't find lyrics or chords for it, so enjoy it. Eddie (aka Beano)

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