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Lord Help Me Please

(Dani Klein/Frank Wuyts)

	  The song is a succesion of C#m  E  F#m G#m Of course, only barre chords, including the E chord. 

  C#m         E 
This woman she knows 
  F#m        G#m 
The story of heartbreak 
  C#m         E       F#m       G#m 
Beneath the weight of day 
She's seen the hate 
On people's faces 
Dark skin her only disgrace 
She cries help me please 
Lord help me please 
Her children she taught them 
How to be proud in the face 
Of adversity 
She gave them the love, respect and understanding 
Showing them 
The way to be free 
Lord help her please 
Lord help her please 
Lord, please 
She stands tall 
High as a mountain 
Her heart as deep as the sea 
She's known hardship and sorrow 
That brought her down on her knees 
Lord help her please 
Lord help her please 
Lord help her please 
Lord please 

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